Meet Our Founder

Our Story–Local Art

Galleries On The Go is about connecting the local artist with an audience in a meaningful way. We curate, deliver, install, promote, and sell local fine art. Galleries On The Go is the premier provider of local fine art.

Based in Tampa Bay, Galleries On The Go is redefining the experience by making it easy, convenient and welcoming for both collectors and artists.

As an artist, Sara Mullins understands the unique needs of local artists in business for themselves. Acting as broker in the relationship between artist and businesses, she has created a hybrid gallery solution. Artists need more space to show their work, and businesses need to show clients they care about their surroundings.

Sara’s business model makes the shopping experience more seamless for the collector, whether new or seasoned.  With the right software applications in place, Mullins takes the process to a scientific level.  Artists can spend more time in the studio where they really want to be!