Crowd-Pleasing Paint Colors for Staging Your Home

The Power of People

I have been on a personal journey of rediscovery. Who am I and where am I headed? On a recent trip to Nashville for a conference, I had a chance to hear reknowned psychologist and author Dr. Henry Cloud. He spoke on concepts such as brain chemistry and how it affects human decision-making. Stress, anxiety, and poor nutrition all play a potentially detrimental part in performance and how decisions are made.

I have admired Dr. Cloud’s work for over 10 years and read several of his books. After he spoke I picked up his recent book “The Power of the Other: The Startling Effect Other People Have on You From the Boardroom to the Bedroom and Beyond– and What To Do About It” Dr. Cloud’s talk and his thoughts on the subject of decisions couldn’t have come at a better time. My personal life had taken a recent downturn, and it had negatively affected my business.

His ideas are not new concepts, but Dr. Cloud takes the effect of influence to a new level of understanding. It isn’t just about brain chemistry and how to change it. He talks about the power of the people in your life, broken down into four easily digestible categories. After my recent turn of events, I knew I needed some rest and relaxation. I booked a cruise to teach a watercolor art class on board. I made sure I had time to paint for myself too. But I also meditated on what Dr. Cloud had to say about surrounding yourself with people who are all moving in a positive direction, and who support you.

When I’m hurting, it becomes very tempting to isolate myself, or to reach into unhealthy areas to console myself. And yet scientific evidence has proven that the human touch, interaction, and connection hold a power that can’t be measured. I opened myself up to really connecting with new and interesting people. It was good practice. By far, my experience on this trip felt more fruitful, and serene at the same time. I found myself moving past my emotional upheaval, and feeling stronger for having reached outside of myself. With a renewed vision of my future I saw I could come back, strengthen my relationships, and forge a new beginning.

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Crystal Waters And Balloons – Playing With Art

Its Saturday, the last day at sea on a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean. Last night became one of the more memorable evenings I’ve had in a long time. Because I’m new to ballroom dance, I have been looking for social gatherings to practice my hard-earned dance steps. A typical cruise line will offer dance lessons with the activities team. So, I went about the ship looking for opportunities.

The theme was 70’s Disco Night and it was held in the Grand Foyer where everyone is watching on each level of the deck. You know how this can go: a few brave and well-intentioned souls who start out on the floor after the second song, sometimes they’re off-beat but they don’t care. Last night was no exception. Soon a few more got out there, then two or three more.

Then—an amazing thing happened. The Activities Manager showed up with bags of inflated balloons in blue and white, some large and some small. He started bouncing the balloons into the air over the heads of dancers and then he started dancing. The room went electric. All the people who were standing on the sidelines suddenly had the bravery to get on the dance floor. They were watching for a chance to slap at the balloons as they rose and fell overhead. Then folks started swaying to the music and a dance train was formed. It wound through the Foyer into the nearby passageways, growing longer and longer. The dance floor filled to overflowing capacity with dancers from every age, race, and ethnic family.

What changed the room from ho-hum to power-charged? The chance to play and feel like a kid again. Play is so important to adults, but few really take the time to work it into a fully-charged electronically measured day.

As an artist, painting is very much like play. I booked this cruise to teach a watercolor class on board as a guest speaker. I watched the 50-some partakers get caught up in the wonder of water and colors swirling around like balloons in air. I realized it is like being in elementary school. The sight of pristine colors, the virgin brush, and a blank page can take the mind to a different place. A place of innocence and fun.  

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